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Paramedical Council of India (PMCI)

Approved by Paramedical Council of India (PMCI)

Paramedical Council of India (PMCI)
Paramedical Council of India (PMCI): Paramedical Sciences has served as a lateral aid to the medical science, in terms of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Their primary role is to provide advanced pre-hospital medical care to the patients. A paramedic can be defined as a person who works in a healthcare field in an auxiliary capacity to a physician. They are specially trained medical technicians certified to provide a wide range of emergency medical services. With the advent of technological development of medical sciences, several invasive and non-invasive tools were designed, that reported a sudden upsurge of trained paramedical manpower for the operation of these technical inventions in medical sciences. Even though they play a crucial role in delivering health care, their contribution went unnoticed in terms of setting up a separate Council/Governing body, with specified guidelines/regulations to maintain a uniform high-quality standard of training and education of paramedics all over the nation and register qualified personnel for the free practice of the profession.

In a developing country like India, the rural section is still left unattended in terms of the quality healthcare system, due to the acute shortage of skilled healthcare personnel. This dearth of paramedics has to be compensated with increased world-class training and education in paramedical sciences to the youths for catering a quality healthcare service to this needy section of the society.

The realization of the sudden need for Paramedics has led to the establishment of Institutes/Paramedical Colleges without affiliation or recognition, which is misleading and deceiving for the students in particular and the public health in general. Keeping the above scenario in mind, with the association of private organizations, NGOs and many honorary bodies of several states, the concept of setting up a council has finally taken a shape in the year 2005, with the name Paramedical Council of India.

The Council mainly affiliates Institutes or colleges and registers qualified paramedics nationwide with a common objective and a set of strict guidelines and regulations. This Council will remain responsible for the uniform standard of education nationwide.

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